What We Make Matters

We are all KINADONA: Amalfi, Benhur, Angelica, Maria Jacinta, Oriana, Gemma, Gloria and many more. We are women like you who have taken matters into our own hands. Our work allows us to provide for our families, while at the same time, care for them. 

Our KINADONA artisanal accessories are designed not only for their beauty, but with the hope that all women can reimagine their circumstances. We hope to encourage all women to fulfill their dreams.

When you shop at KINADONA, part of your payment goes directly to the artisan who made the handcrafted item and also to the community where she lives. There are many companies who claim they do the same, but we stand by our promise. Select your products to find out more.

Be the very FIRST to contribute to our wonderful community and cause. Help the artisans by ordering your bracelets made by women artisans from the vulnerable area of el Tambo in the region of Cauca, Colombia, and start the Holiday gifting around the world.

Meet the Artisans