PRE- ORDERS have begun in time for the Holidays!

Be the very FIRST to contribute to our wonderful community and cause. Help the artisans by pre-ordering your bracelets, and start the Holiday gifting around the world.

Our business is brand new so everything is new for us and we trust that our pioneer customers will be the most excited and patient. It is our first round through customs. It will be the first bracelets to make it to the USA and you can be a part of that! How exciting! 

We hope that you will have the order by the Holidays (December 20). However, If we cannot get through customs in time, we will send you or your gift recipient a lovely photo card with all the information about the bracelets, the artisans and the community contribution, and notice that the bracelet will be received as soon as possible.  We will keep you informed about the process as it goes! 

Do not lose the chance to give away dreams this holiday! This gift choice does more than bring a smile to the recipient, it also brings joy and much needed work and income to the artisans and their community. Happy Holidays and Thank you for choosing a gift that gives three times! 

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